Benefits Of Giving Sadaqah

Benefits Of Giving Sadaqah

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The Power of Sadaqah 


Benefits that Sadaqah brings into one's life:  

  • It cleans up your wealth.
  • It forgives some of your sins every time you give.
  • It defeats calamity before it can strike you.
  • It blesses your wealth.
  • It causes your wealth to grow, rather than diminish.

For good measure, here are additional advantages:

  • It might lengthen your life.
  • It makes those who require it joyful (which makes your heart happy).
  • It inspires others to pray for you.
  • It strengthens your inner faith in God and cultivates positive thoughts about him.
  • It elevates you in the eyes of Allah and his creation.

And how about a little more material assistance for the good?

  • It alleviates difficulties in one's own life
  • It keeps one's own flaws and shortcomings hidden.

5 Additional Ways that Sadaqah Benefits your Afterlife

  • On the Day of Judgment, when everyone will be covered in their own sweat, it will provide shade. The scorching heat will be directly above us and everyone will wish to sit in Allah's shade. One of the seven who will receive shade is the one who does concealed charity.  Says the Prophet: “His Sadaqah will serve as the believer's shade on the Day of Resurrection”.
  • You are shielded from the punishment of the afterlife by it. The Prophet makes it clear that Allah will safeguard us from the heat and blazing Hellfire by the alms we rightly offer in this life. “Protect yourselves from Hellfire, even if it's just with a piece of a date that you donate to charity”.
  • Your Heavenly Reckoning becomes easier. Another advantage of making Sadaqah in this life is that it makes it easier to pass Al-Sirât, The Traverse. Some people will fall into Hellfire from this bridge, drawn in by their misdeeds, connecting the Plain of Judgment and the Garden of Paradise.
  • On the scale of your Good Deeds, it weighs heavily. Every person will be held accountable for both their significant and minor misdeeds on the Day of Judgment. Regularly doing Sadaqah is a quick and easy approach to help atone for whatever faults we have committed, whether intentionally or unintentionally. “Sadaqah extinguishes sin, just as water extinguishes fire," declared our Prophet Muhammad. Keep in mind that, according to the Quran, "Truly, the good acts drive out the wicked deeds".
  • You climb up the hundreds of Levels of Paradise as a result. One of the eight gates of Jannah, Baab As-Sadaqah will only be open to compassionate believers who donated Sadaqah in the way of Allah to their parents, orphans, widows, the sick, and the destitute.  Then, when the gates of Paradise have been opened and its keepers have said, "Peace be upon you; you have become pure; therefore enter it to stay eternally therein," 

What Positive Impact does Sadaqah have on Society?

This world's existence is dependent on people performing Sadaqah, as this is how Allah designed it to be. A community's magical tie-in, Sadaqah, keeps everyone connected, and all Muslims together. Without it, conflicts between people will unavoidably occur, resulting in violations of the rights that each person was given by God.

Donating to a cause?

Donating to the right cause is important and we encourage you to donate through HasanaH, a non-profit organization that is 100% committed to financial integrity, transparency, and stewardship. HasanaH is honored to act as a potent tool for informing and directing your almsgiving: Sadaqah and Zakat, for optimal effect. It enables donors to make informed decisions based on reliable data and to direct contributions to credible projects that are aligned with your priorities and values.

Are you looking to make an impact? Feel free to contact us or Discover charitable projects here.

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