A Child For All, ACFA Inc.

Mission of the organisation

ACFA's vision is " a Mali where all children are afforded the tools necessary for a successful future." We march towards that vision by executing our mission: " to provides Mali's vulnerable children a safe and loving environment which fosters their health, learning, happiness, and success." ACFA was founded from the personal experience of its founder, Kadiatou F. Sidibe, who was separated from her mother from age 3 to 26 and was raised by a single father in Bamako, Mali. Our goal is to turn risk into opportunities. We take street vulnerable children exposed to drug, prostitution, robbery, criminal activities, and give them a home with caring staff, food, health care, and education and see them through a upbringing that lead them to becoming self-sufficient, and support their own family and become contributors to Mali's economic development.


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A Child For All, ACFA Inc.

CMR 450 Box 1073, Kadiatou Fatima Sidibe
APO AE, AE, 09705