Akcioni per Nena dhe Femije

Mission of the organisation

Action for Mothers and Children (AMC) has been at the forefront of efforts to improve maternal and child health in Kosovo since 2009. It was founded initially under the name 'Foundation for Healthy Mothers and Babies' with the support of Dr. James Strickler, Emeritus Co-Chair, Board of Directors of the International Rescue Committee and Emeritus Dean at Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth University. Influential individuals from health, business, culture and economic sectors from Kosovo, U.S., and Diaspora (including among others Ardiana Bunjaku, Jehona Gjurgjeala, Rexhep Hoxha, Richard Lukaj, Bekim Ahmetaj, Ilirjana Bajraktari, George Little, Philip Sigwart, Ilir Hoxha and recently princess to be Elia Zaharia) joined the efforts to support the cause and grew the foundation into today's Action for Mothers and Children since 2013. Today's foundation is fully empowered and locally led by a devoted Board of Trustees and with the support from the Ministry of Health. AMC's Medical Advisory Committee comprises leading Kosovar medical professionals, and advises the Board of Trustees and staff on clinical, technical, policy, program and health system issues. AMC's goal to save the lives of children and mothers in Kosovo is realized through four program streams: 1) Education, 2) Supply, 3) Research, and 4) Advocacy. AMC has extensive experience in implementing similar projects funded by international agencies and foundations. AMC's long history of successful initiatives that address maternal and child health (MCH) issues, include the establishment of Women's Health Resource Centers in three cities, specifically in Prishtina, Mitrovica, and Ferizaj, Shterpce, and Kacanik totaling to five (5) WHRCs. These Centers have supported over 1,300 women since January 2015, educating them on their pregnancy, delivery and newborn care. The UCCK Women's Health Resource Center has direct access to women admitted to the hospital, either waiting to give birth or having recently given birth. This represents over 10,000 women each year from all over Kosovo, with approximately 50% from rural areas and those outside of Pristina (since UCCK is the country's only referral hospital). Of specific note, all women from Mitrovica come to UCCK for delivery since there is no local facility. Recognizing the value these Centers provide the local community, the Ministry of Health has stated it would like to see a Women's Health Resource Centers in each municipality. In response, AMC will seek to open further Centers, subject to funding, and will prioritize locations that have highly diverse and economically poor communities. Following the opening of Centers, AMC aims at building a system of continuous education and improvement of relations among patients and health care providers. In August 2016, AMC launched the online platform beba-ks, which is an online extension of the WHRCs, providing evidence based information on pregnancy, child care, difficulties encountered by new mothers and fathers, and many other important topics in three languages - Albanian, English, and Serbian. Additionally, AMC has been developing the new mobile app. which provides an easily accessible and user-friendly means for new mothers to access and obtain information on lectures schedules, read about various topics, and store information that is important during labor, i.e. contractions calculator. All activities are accompanied by continuous meetings of staff to share experiences, refresher trainings, as well as trainings for all new topics added to the classes' curricula. AMC works with national businesses (e.g. IPKO, Albi Group), international foundations (e.g. Americares, Direct Relief) and international corporations (e.g. Abbott Pharmaceuticals) to donate life-saving equipment to hospitals in Kosovo. AMC also works with international Universities and think-tanks (e.g. Dartmouth University, 700 for Science), global foundations (e.g. Solidar Suisse) and multilateral organizations (e.g. UNFPA, World Health Organization) on MCH research and advocacy programs. AMC is a registered not-for-profit organization (NGO) in Kosovo. Deloitte audits its financials annually. Our mission is: - To advocate vigorously for better healthcare for women and children throughout the Republic of Kosovo; - To study their health problems and health care systems that address these problems; - To develop programs and projects that will help to improve the health of women and children; - To accord high priority to those activities that will reduce Kosovo's relatively high maternal and infant mortality rates; - To collaborate with the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders that have similar goals and objectives.

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Akcioni per Nena dhe Femije

Eqrem Qabej, Lam 4, Hyrja VI, Nr. 8
Pristina, Kosovo, 10000