Mission of the organisation

The overall objective of the association is to "raise awareness and contribute to the promotion of respect for the law in order to achieve sustainable development and social stability The activities of the AVSPDD will focus on the national territory in particular and the whole world in general and will reach the beneficiaries among others in school environments through clubs, workshops, seminars, forums, programs, round tables and conferences. exchanges with local activists from the age of 12 at least for a better future of respect for law and consolidation of sustainable development, in academia, to all heads of administration, civil society actors, those responsible for religious denominations, the general population with the help of plenary meetings with it and other institutions working to improve the standard of living of the Burundian population and all citizens. Specific objectives Raise awareness and promote fundamental rights and freedoms inspired by principles enshrined in the UN Charter and enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; Contribute to raising awareness and promoting principles of equality and non-discrimination as guaranteed by national and international instruments; Contribute to the fight against acts of torture, cruel inhuman and degrading treatment as well as gender-based violence; Contribute to preventing crime and fighting corruption; Raise awareness and promote the legal sciences through various means (training workshops, sensitization session, extension); Create reception, training, support and legal advice centers at national, regional and worldwide levels; Establish local, regional and international links with partners working in the field of awareness and promotion of human rights and other areas of intervention; Provide, support or facilitate training and research activities that help beneficiaries to respect human rights and prevent their violations; Strengthen the role of the grassroots community in the search for peace, reconciliation and development based on the recognition of legal concepts; Awaken people's awareness in the fight against overpopulation in order to avoid land conflicts; Contribute to the harmonization of national laws, regulations and practices of international and regional human rights instruments ratified by Burundi and ensure their effective implementation; Provide legal assistance to vulnerable people whose rights are violated: the case of children; girls and women, and the elderly; as well as to all those who ask for it or are automatically assigned to it; Create borderless clinics and talent development centers; Contribute to the translation of legal texts into the national language THE VISION OF THE ASSOCIATION The vision of the Association is the reduction or even disappearance of the ignorance of the laws to allow everyone to recognize their rights and defend them in case of violation and respect the duties. THE MISSION OF THE ASSOCIATION The mission of the Association is the dissemination of legal and judicial information everywhere and to all Beneficiaries to contribute to the respect of the law in order to achieve sustainable development and the safeguarding of the social order. The Association of Volunteers for Awareness, Promotion of Law and Sustainable Development AVSPDD(in French) and AVAPLSD(in English) in acronym is an organization under Burundian law, approved by a ministerial order n 530/1123 of July 25, 2017 and governed by the law N 1 / 02 of January 27, 2017 on the organic framework of non-profit associations, and was created on October 16, 2016 by the students of the Faculty of Law of the University of Burundi with its First Constituent General Assembly held in Mutanga on 23/4/2017 and NSHIMIRIMANA Jean Paul is the initiator of the idea These, having analyzed and reflected on the reality of things happening in Burundian society in particular and in the world in general where citizens often suffer acts that undermine their integrity both physically and morally without they know that the law protects them against these acts, where the citizens are often victims of the effects of the laws of which they do not know their existences, set up this association which will help the Burundian people in particular and that of the whole world in general of to strengthen their both objective and subjective legal capacity that governs their daily lives in order to improve people's living conditions, peace building and sustainable and inclusive development. The initiator and Legal Representative of the AVSPDD, Mr. NSHIMIRIMANA Jean Paul, had as main objective to raise awareness of the law and contribute in the promotion of the respect of right in order to lead to the sustainable development and the social stability by increasing the access to law and justice for all and the defense of human rights by contributing to the establishment of institutions and mechanisms for access to an independent, impartial, transitional, humanized justice system capable of providing legal certainty and guaranteeing the protection and effectiveness of fundamental rights. Ignorance of the law does not prevent it from being applied. This is concretized by the adage NUL IS NOT CENSE IGNORE THE LAW. When the law is published in an official Burundi newspaper (B.O.B), it is assumed that it is brought to the attention of everyone in general and in particular those concerned. However, most of the Burundian population can not read or write, even those who know it are not interested in reading the laws and regulations that govern their daily lives. This ignorance is a serious challenge for development and also for public order. The plurality of social conflicts or even the commission of offenses falling under the criminal law due to this ignorance testifies. The lack of knowledge of basic notions of law is one of the causes that lead to the plurality of cases in jurisdictions, impoverish the population in households and affect all vital sectors of the country, a brake for sustainable development. Knowledge of legal concepts, on the other hand, will contribute to reducing cases in the courts and to sustainable development, peace and security, social cohesion, the rule of law, good governance, solidarity, ICTs, environment and sanitation, agri-business, commerce and business, culture, leadership and citizenship because the time during which the parties will compare and the means that the judicial process requires will be used for development work. Violation of the rights of vulnerable persons who are unaware of the jurisdiction to be seized or who has their protection in their attributions, and that these violations escape repression remain a major challenge and hamper inclusive and sustainable development. PREAMBLE Convinced that no one is supposed to ignore the law; Having noted that the majority of the Burundian population is illiterate and therefore not interested in reading the texts and laws in force; Having noted that the minority of the Burundian population is literate and those they too are not interested in reading the national and international legal instruments in force; Given the number of cases brought before the courts when they should be emptied out of court; Convinced that the recognition of the rights and duties of everyone contributes to the building of the rule of law; democracy and good governance; Convinced that the violation of the subjective rights causes the handicap of the prosperity of the Nation; Anxious to promote a society that respects the rule of law; human rights and development; Conscious that the rule of law; Democracy and good governance; the right to civic, civil and cultural education are pillars for the contribution of a better future Conscious of taking part in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals; Acknowledging our effectiveness in mobilizing every citizen who is part of Burundian human capital in particular, and the whole world in general, to participate actively in the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants in order to live by confessing that it holds in itself a natural divine, its humanism in a way that is translated in principle by volunteering, in other words, an outburst of solidarity with others, without expecting anything but the pleasure of making people happy and of serving others and of course themselves. CONVICTION AND FOUNDATION OF THE ASSOCIATION The perpetually moving right affects the lives of citizens who face little or no legal jargon and do not feel concerned by the law until they are confronted with a particular problem situation. In this condition, the first reaction of individuals is to search for the solution alone by carrying out an individual search or by questioning themselves near their neighborhood. However, these sources rarely offer adequate solutions to the solution of the problem, since only some of them provide reliable information designed for citizens. Burundians like other citizens around the world often have trouble understanding the law or at least the legal terms. Many people find the texts complicated, long; impenetrable with the presumption of a prior knowledge of legal concepts to be able to use them. Since the law no longer belongs to the professionals of justice but is the property of all, it is normal that separate services and tools be developed to allow a better approval of the law by all these citizens. The basic premise of the AVSPDD is the principle "NULL IS EXPECTED TO IGNORE THE LAW" which simply means that no one can claim ignorance of the rules of law to reject their application. Most of the Burundian population is illiterate; in addition, legal texts are written in the foreign language.

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