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The mission is to help orphans in getting decent education which they were deprived in orphanages; to help them achieve their life and professional goals; to help them adapt socially. Just around 10% of Russian children grown raised in orphanages manage to adapt in society. That means just not becoming criminals, alcoholic, but rather getting some job, have some wage, create family and lead more or less decent life. 90% of those who leave orphanages become criminals, alcoholics and antisocial elements. The other sad statistics is that a big part of orphans leavers bring their own kids to orphanages or make them inherit antisocial behavior. Reasons are: lack of skills for independent life; irresponsibility and immaturity and inability to support themselves parasitism culture spread out in the orphanages; very poor education; absence of support from relatives and from any experienced people. In Moscow currently there're around 3500 4200 kids living in orphanages. Out of them 70% study in so-called "correction schools" for mentally defective children where they get for a variety of reasons, not necessarily disability, and can get just some initial education. Even those who finish normal education are exposed to a very limited number of workers professions which do not require a college degree. Providing decent education and helping orphans to adapt is absolutely essential that we do not lose thousands of them each year into criminal, poverty and alcoholism. And also, that we do not lose their children who inherit behavior and social paths of their parents.

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Big Change Charity Foundation

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