Bothoor ALkhaer organization for Relief and Development

Mission of the organisation

Bothoor Alkhaer Organization for Relief and Development is one of the organizations working in Iraq, registered dearly in the Iraqi government. It was established in 2004 to support marginalized groups, displaced people, refugees, women, widows, orphans, violence against children,Education violence against women, peace. Our organization would like to have cooperation and partnership in Implementation of programs, projects in partnership with you in Iraq. Our organization enjoys good relations with international bodies and international organizations and has activities in implementing various programs. We would like you to work with your honorable organization by financing projects related to marginalized groups, and we are now living in emergency conditions in Iraq where Iraq has witnessed conflicts and battles leading to large numbers of displaced persons and On the other hand, the spread of this deadly epidemic, as Iraq witnessed frightening numbers, which led to the deterioration of the economic situation in the country, and these two matters led to an emergency situation for these marginalized groups in the country.

Live Projects


Bothoor ALkhaer organization for Relief and Development

Diyala - Baquba - Al Mustafa District - Elementary College Street
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