Cagdas Yasami Destekleme Dernegi (Association in Support of Contemporary Living)

Mission of the organisation

CYDD's mission is mainly to contribute to bring Turkey to the level of contemporary civilization by being a modern secular democratic society with due respect to law and commitment to peace. Its aim is to support the modernization of society through progressive education and to contribute to achieving equal opportunity to children and youth in access to schooling and use of modern educational tools. The Association believes that modernization of Turkey can only come about by overcoming ignorance. For this reason the association has been running campaigns to increase enrollment of girls population by utilizing civil and corporate funds toward establishing scholarship programs, building and improving schools, building girls dormitories, libraries, opening classrooms for preschoolers, becoming the voice of civil citizens by staying independent of politics but also voicing opinion when deemed necessary. Special attention is placed to areas in Turkey which are economically underdeveloped and also the areas in the big cities which have received domestic migration. The 100 branches of our organization also run their own projects according to the local needs of the area they functioning mainly on subjects such as gender equality, human rights, community leadership. Activities such as giving scholars to students of low income families, supporting schools by renovating or making boarding facilities for the students or the teachers, building libraries and preschool classrooms , establishing social centers for both the children and adults. At these places activities such as informative seminars , , summer and winter schools,youth gatherings and confronces, organizing various cultural and musical events, seminars and discussion groups.

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Cagdas Yasami Destekleme Dernegi (Association in Support of Contemporary Living)

Simal sok. no:10 Sishane Beyoglu
Istanbul, Istanbul, 34430