Centro de Compartimiento, A.C.

Mission of the organisation

Our mission is to foster the growth of women as leaders with strong sense of self and a will to serve others, whose presence in the community will be an example of virtue, values, ethics and spirituality. Our founding principles are based on the belief that communities need all citizens to be active and have a voice. Equality and equity across gender is important and lacking in many communities across Mexico, especially in rural areas. Leaders in communities need to have service to that community as a priority. We believe that everyone should have access to higher levels education despite barriers of poverty and location. We believe that a nurturing, protective and faith-filled environment helps people grow and we encourage women to participate in the faith organization of their choice finding common ground between faith groups. Our goal is to have more women to take on leadership roles in their communities and support them in fostering personal and economic development in their communities. There are many government programs for marginalized communities here in Mexico, but the communities are not well enough organized to take advantage of these opportunities and community leaders more often than not use these opportunities to their own advantage either to political or personal. If communities are better organized they can make better decisions for themselves. The base of this organization is personal development for the community members. Meeting the basic needs of community members is also vital to community growth, it is difficult to grow when all energy is focused on meeting basic needs of families.

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Centro de Compartimiento, A.C.

Av. Alvaro Obregon 40, Centro
Juchitan, Oaxaca, 70117