Chiedza Child Care Centre

Mission of the organisation

Our vision is of a Zimbabwe in which orphans & vulnerable children have access to all their basic needs & are holistically developing to realize their full mental, physical & social potential. Our mission is to empower communities to adequately support & care for orphans & vulnerable children in Zimbabwe & to lobby & advocate for children's rights. Our goal is to provide community-based holistic services in a sustainable way to orphans and vulnerable children in the Harare suburbs of Mbare, Sunningdale, Waterfalls & Ardbennie. Our organisational focus is on: a. Strong governance& management b. Resource mobilisation c. Human resource development d. Strong accountability systems e. Learning and sharing


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Chiedza Child Care Centre

37 Strachan Street, Ardbennie, P.O.Box W142, Waterfalls
Harare, Southern Africa, +263