Community Carbon Trees- Costa RIca

Mission of the organisation

We create seed collection networks within rural communities and capacitate families including women and children to produce the tree saplings. We use sponsorship money to buy the saplings, transport them to participating family farm owned by a Costa Rican family. We pay workers to plant the trees and build protective fences. For 4 years afterwards, we return to chop grasses and maintain the trees until they reach safe height for survival. We return to each family farm once a year and prescribed times, we allow the family to harvest some lumber through the thinning process. The family can collect all fruits. Our plantings are highly diverse native species. We also engage in regular education porgrams around Costa Rica and the globe through building networks fo special tree friends. Our Mission is to create win win win relationships among people who want to offset their carbon footprint and thereby share their resources with those struggling to live with the remaining rainforest on their land. Giving local people alternative income streams long term by planting valuable lumber within each project teaches and empowers locals to plant trees for cutting instead of illegally cutting the rainforest. Planting trees in high diversity insures protection of flora andf fauna and watersheds.

Live Projects


Community Carbon Trees- Costa RIca

80 meters southwest Platanillo School Platanillo de Perez Zeledon Costa Rica
Platanillo, Perez Zeledon, 8000
Costa Rica