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Computers For Schools Burundi 's organization has ambitions and multiple programs dedicated to the children/youth and the population in general in Burundi, in areas such as environment, education, agriculture, Leadership and entrepreneurship development and many more. With respect to education, our objective is to help develop education systems which are producers of the labor force and the intellectuals, by providing access to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), which will facilitate: The use of digitized documents (powerful tools for the processing Of information: text, sound, image). Global access to information resources The provision of new tools for access to knowledge for students Communication and collaboration. Computer skills have become the basic knowledge required, needed to be efficient and cost-effective in the 21 Century where advanced technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. The first priority is access to technology (ICT): CFSB first priority is to be able to offer computers for schools and help teach students how to use it. The main component of the ICT concept is the computer, preferably with Internet access. With this, comes the need to provide computers, a computer program of first class for students and training for the teachers. The second priority is the access to information: The second priority for CFSB in the educational system is to connect the Digital Centers to the internet and finally to interconnect the schools of Burundi (education, research and communication) enabling them to participate fully in the global economy. For the above reasons, CFSB, a non-profit organization, is looking for partners with whom he can work to achieve these ambitious goals and bring hope to millions of young people, hungry to learn and contribute positively to build a better world, far from violence, crime and wars. Vision. The Vision of CFSB is working in partnership with others organizations and other programs to help reduce poverty in Burundi and in so doing, contribute to building a world better. Mission. The Mission of Computers For Schools Burundi is capacity building. The objective of the mission is to promote computer skills through the development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for youth and communities in Burundi, to succeed in the modern economy of the 21st century by reducing poverty in their country. By helping to provide access to the Internet for educational institutions, CFSB is working to make ICT accessible to students on campuses and schools in Burundi. CFSB wants to help schools and universities to become familiar with computers and the internet to build a better future and thus make the internet accessible to the majority of young people of the developing countries to create a productive workforce.

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Computers For Schools Burundi

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