Economic Stimulus Projects for Work and Action- ESPWA

Mission of the organisation

Our mission is to help low-income Haitian individuals, families and communities to help themselves so that they can attain and maintain self-sufficiency and dignity. We fulfill our mission by: supporting Haiti's targeted reconstruction efforts through the capacity-building and sustainable development of Haitian organizations. What We Do ESPWA seeks to amplify impact and build enduring solutions to social and economic problems by working collaboratively with others to transform existing systems --incorporating our efforts in a wider ecosystem of actors and initiatives; bridging boundaries to achieve greater levels of change. Our current efforts are centered on spearheading the development of a Haiti Community Foundation as an entity through which this vision can be actualized. The Haiti Community Foundation Focused on supporting Haitian organizations through resource development, capacity building, a necessary investment and critical building block of Haiti's reconstruction. Partnership driven process; Haitian-led; Haitian-staffed; Haiti beneficial

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Economic Stimulus Projects for Work and Action- ESPWA

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