Engozi Za Mukama (God's Love Home)

Mission of the organisation

STATEMENT OF PROBLEMS/BACKGROUND INFORMATION: The negative hindrance to development and economical growth in Uganda include:- Unemployment, high population growth rate, low income, subsistence agricultural dependence, low literacy levels, hunger and poverty, disease especially HIV/AIDS and domestic violence. All these culminate in chronic poverty, low income earnings and poor standards of living. The above problems have not excluded the individuals in Kibwa Zone kampala, with a majority of children orphaned, and youth drop-outs unemployed so they are unable to meet the basic necessities of life, poor shelter, shortage of land and unable to access development information about the available social services. They have no minimum capital essentially for raising incomes and improving the quality of life. So, these have over the years resorted to very low earning income/ economic activities, engaging in multiple relationships, others stay in redundancy resulting to idleness. All these have led into disease spreading, family conflicts, drug abuse and many other associated problems. Although there is some help from the Government and Non-governmental organizations and other development agencies, the result has remained. PROJECT GOALS: This is a non governmental organisation established with aim of helping Vulnerable children, improving their economic and social welfare especially orphans and Aids Infected children to attain minimum basic necessities of life and standards of living. To improve social welfare and economy of individuals within our organization especially single orphans and youth Caring and supporting children infected/affected by HIV/AIDS, war and domestic violence. OBJECTIVES: Sensitizing the community towards an HIV free generation through prevention of mother to child transmission. People living with HIV/AIDS to adhering to drugs through timely taking, nutritional support and sanitation. Starting up an orphanage centre for caring and supporting orphans/children who were infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, war and domestic violence because many of them are discriminated from families, schools and in their communities as well. Providing holistic care and support to children until they grow to a level of basic sustainability. Provide members with basic necessities such as food, clothing and shelter, and to sustain their house hold income. Setting up a Kindergarten/Primary school for orphans. Acquiring land and putting up permanent structures To provide an option of better economic activities such as the idea of good farming and poultry. To sensitize and mobilize over 300 orphans and disadvantaged children in other income generating activities e.g. poultry, farming and other disadvantaged individuals to join the profit in caravan of and other profiting economic activities so that they can abandon the non-profiting businesses. FINANCIAL SUPPORT: Most of our members have got the ability run the project activities but they lack capital and bank loans would be an appropriate source of capital to finance our projects but they carry huge interest rates. We have also tried a hand of other several projects i.e. poultry, farming which we feel if expanded, could be a good source of income to our families and hence become self reliant TARGET GROUPS: The target groups e.g. Orphans and disadvantaged children 250 50 METHODS/IMPLEMENTATION STRATEGIES: The primary method is that we have to put in place a workshop/seminar/meeting where our members will attend to sensitize people about our objectives. That we have put in place an office to extend our services and get in touch easily to the communities. We are also having a long run project of opening up a Nursery /primary School and a large orphanage centre for orphans, and school dropouts using the obtained funds. This will help us to enhance the sustainability of the project without more external help or funding. Meetings, workshops or seminars will be held annually to check the development and weaknesses of the organization. The plan will be put in place for members to generate systematic collection of information about the operations of the project and provide a basic for sharing information with other similar projects. Commitment and complete involvement of all members in case of any new ideas or trainings in more skills. EVALUATION: Performance indicators will be designed to determine whether the set targets are being achieved. STAFF AND ADMINISTRATION: This organization will operate with five (5) members selected due to one's skills. These will include; Chairperson, Vice-chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer/Finance, and Publicity Secretary Chairperson/Vice Chairperson: Both the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson will be responsible for planning and organizing, overseeing the project development and operation, establishing and maintaining links to community, NGOs, CBOs and scheduling of centre programs and activities. They will also be responsible for developing working valuation man ship with formal and informal community leaders. The Vice Chairperson will be carrying out the above duties in the absence of the Chairperson. Secretary The Secretary will be handling all general secretarial function for the organization; e.g. typing, printing, arranging for meetings, preparing reports and record keeping. The Secretary will be responsible for maintaining the structure and appearance of the association, routing correspondence and other forms of communication with women orphans, school drop-outs and other disadvantaged people in the community. Treasurer/Finance: The Treasurer will be responsible for the finances of the organization and; Shall solicit for funds for the Association with the help of other members. Shall receive and bank funds of the organization Shall keep books of accounts and be accountable for organization's financial report and hence come up with an annual audited balance sheet. Any other duties as required by the Committee. Publicity Secretary Shall be responsible for publicizing any matter in regard with the organization.

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Engozi Za Mukama (God's Love Home)

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