Fondo Guadalupe Musalem A.C.

Mission of the organisation

Support the educational aspirations of young indigenous Oaxacan women from impoverished rural communities in the state. Support the successful completion of high school studies of our grantees and their ability to continue university level studies. Promote the holistic development of the grantees during their high schools studies enhancing their studies through workshops and courses regarding gender equity, prevention of adolescent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STD), prevention of violence in dating relationships, environmental stewardship, and reading outside of school assignments. Include in the grant personal physical and mental health care to assure health issues do not impede their development. Encourage grantees who complete high school successfully to continue their studies at the university level through financial assistance, lodging and other support. In 2018 the Fondo is funding 34 young women in high school and 15 studying in university. Note: The high school level grantees live in their communities or a town nearby that offers high school level studies. Each month all the grantees gather at the Fondo office in the capital city for a weekend workshops and courses and receive their stipend for the following month as well as their expenses for travel.

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Fondo Guadalupe Musalem A.C.

2a. Privada de Orquideas No. 103, Colonia Las Flores
Santa Lucia del Camino, 71228