Fundacion Minga Valpo

Mission of the organisation

Our mission is to develop, manage and support projects focused on community work, generate awareness, respect and education for the proper use of resources for the benefit of our environment and environment. We promote sustainable human development as a fundamental intangible resource of our society, linking people, communities and institutions to the sustainable intervention of vulnerable contexts. Our Ludotecas project is a model of community social intervention whose challenge is to return the right to play and use of public spaces in a safe and adequate way to children who live in vulnerable contexts. Through a community program we promote the use of public space generating transformations that strengthen the social fabric of the community, improve the child's relationship with their socio-territorial environment and stimulate children's cognitive development. We work directly with the community and specifically with children between 3 and 12 years old looking to promote healthy play and child care through the community construction of spaces for the specific use of children, where we develop play workshops that promote the development of social, motor, cognitive, emotional and linguistic skills.

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Fundacion Minga Valpo

Bellavista 91
ConCon, Valparaiso, 2510250