Good To Be Good

Mission of the organisation

GOOD TO BE GOOD Foundation is an intersectional, community-wide, grassroots humanitarian and advocacy organization on a mission to serve marginalized communities and help build a kind and equal world. Established in 2016, our vision for an equitable, peaceful, and sustainable world for all continues to be guided by a feminist, anti-oppressive, anti-racist, trauma-informed interconnected framework. Our human rights-based efforts are rooted in a commitment to gender equality, equity, and peacebuilding and ensure a gender-responsive focus that addresses issues impacting women and girls, gender-diverse folks, and other marginalized communities. We believe that global change starts with creating impact locally. As a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) and women-led organization, we can tailor our approach using an intersectional framework to tackle the immediate challenges of our most disadvantaged communities while also bringing awareness to the underlying conditions and longstanding systemic inequalities that make people vulnerable in the first place. Our inclusive events, mutual aid fundraisers, and year-round advocacy initiatives raise critical funds and awareness that support social services and local programs. We collaborate with our community of partner organizations to better address the greatest needs. We provide hands-on, restorative, empowering support for women and folks in our communities who have felt the marginalizing effects of gender-based violence, structural poverty, and social isolation. We recognize the impact of collective willingness and action as reinforcements of all-encompassing progress and a promoter of a culture of humanity and goodness.

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Good To Be Good

22 Close Avenue
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