Helping Rhinos USA

Mission of the organisation

Helping Rhinos USA is dedicated to leading conservation and education initiatives that will ensure the long-term survival of rhino and other endangered wildlife in their natural habitat. Helping Rhinos USA accomplishes this through the following activities: In collaboration with our partner company, Helping Rhinos UK, our work engages with local communities, directly linking wildlife conservation and local economies through fundraising: accepting donations on our website, personal solicitations through local fundraising events, foundation grant solicitations, and government grant solicitations. Nearly all money raised will further field conservation actions where rhinos are most threatened. We stimulate support for rhino conservation across North America by initiating educational initiatives that highlight the importance of conserving rhino and other endangered species. We work with local communities where rhino live to emphasize the benefits that can be derived from a sustainable co-existence between man and wildlife. We work directly with local conservation organizations to rescue and protect rhino in their natural habitat by delivering tangible results in anti-poaching and habitat preservation.

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Helping Rhinos USA

1798 Summit Dr
Escondido, CA, 92027
United States