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Childhood should be a time for magic, fun, playing, adventure, learning, and experimenting but it can be easily and to often depleted by illness, economic misfortune, or tragedy. Our mission is to improve the physical and emotional well-being of children who are vulnerable because of a difficult period or are struck by hardship; our hearts go out to children who are hospitalised, physically or mentally disabled, unaccompanied, neglected, disadvantaged, abused and unaccompanied. We work with a variety of partners such as hospitals, associations, non-governmental organizations, institutions (schools, orphanages). To accomplish what we set out to do we: a) develop and implement our own programs and projects such recreational activities, sports, excursions and performances. b) assist and help other likeminded organisations with a remit in childhood to deliver their programs and achieve their goals. Our name " Magic Hospital" came natural, chosen for our desire to turn a hospital into a less frightening place for children, and for our mindset to appear out of the blue to help, to simply brighten a day , just like magic. Magic Hospital was the first Non-profit to introduce programs in Chinese hospitals aimed solely at lifting the spirit of disadvantaged children. Hospitals in China rarely offer supportive activities for their little patients, plus the children are often far away from home. This lack of mental support gave birth to Magic Hospital in 2003 when we launched the first clown program in the Beijing Children's Hospital, one of the largest paediatric hospitals in the world. We are headquartered in Paris, France, where we are a fully registered organisation under the French law 1901. Our geographical scope is China and Europe. Our Board consists of 5 trustees Board. We support the principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Magic Hospital is a member of the International Play Association (IPA) which promotes Article 31 of the UN Convention on the Right of the Child: every child has the right to engage in play and recreational activities, to participate in cultural life and arts. Our Vision: a future where every child experiences a childhood full of play and laughter.


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Hopital Magique

142 avenue Parmentier, chez Mme Vogg
Paris, 75011