International National Trusts Organisation (INTO)

Mission of the organisation

INTO brings people together to exchange information, develop and promote best practice, and to help its members achieve beneficial change. Our mission is to 'promote the conservation and enhancement of the heritage of all nations for the benefit of the people of the world and future generations'. With INTO's global scope and focus on our common heritage, built, natural and cultural, there's no other organisation quite like it. All INTO members are not-for-profit, most are completely independent charities, others have a closer relationship with their governments. Virtually all are tiny and a few are more substantial in size - but all are equally dedicated, equally passionate. From a group of twelve founding members representing some of the leading conservation, environmental and heritage bodies across the globe, including representatives from India, UK, USA, Ireland and Australia, we've just reached a total of 75 subscribing organisations worldwide, which we're excited about. But INTO is run on a shoestring and our ambitions outstrip our resources. It's just the same with the important projects which member organisations are desperate to undertake, big on ambition and hope but with tiny or non-existent means to get the job done. Whether it's the National Trust of Fiji rebuilding communities after Tropical Storm Winston, our Indonesian partners offering post-earthquake heritage first aid or now our Caribbean members in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, INTO members often have to help people rebuild their lives. And important social projects like raising awareness of the Slave Trade in Sierra Leone, telling the story of Nelson Island, Trinidad and Tobago's "Ellis Island" and producing a map of historic buildings in Kampala couldn't have happened without INTO's support. Every day we hear of work which Trusts want to undertake, but which they are having to embark upon with only the barest of resources and an abundance of optimism! Our crowdfunding goal is to help make these projects happen. And through conserving, re-using and enjoying our global built and natural environment, make a real difference to communities all around the world.

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International National Trusts Organisation (INTO)

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