Ladies' Turn

Mission of the organisation

Ladies' Turn is working at the grassroots level, organizing football matches in the hearts of Senegalese neighborhoods, to give Senegalese girls and women their turn to play. While football is extremely popular in Senegal, it is considered a men's sport, meaning that most girls do not have an opportunity to play. Girls also face disparities in the educational system: while primary education for girls in Senegal has made significant gains, most girls never complete secondary school. To change this reality, Ladies' Turn aims to: i.) Expand opportunities for girls to play soccer. ii.) Promote girl's education and personal development. iii.) Promote gender equality through soccer. By expanding opportunities for girls to play soccer, Ladies' Turn also seeks to promote gender equality and women's empowerment. By presenting women in roles as athletes, Ladies' Turn works to challenge traditional gender roles. Soccer also presents a unique opportunity to contribute positively to girls' self confidence and personal development. The players who participate in Ladies' Turn activities make lasting friendships and cultivate relationships with significant mentor figures such as coaches. In addition to soccer matches, Ladies' Turn is piloting activities to encourage girls to stay in school and promote sports and education. Ladies' Turn believes that soccer is a powerful tool for development.

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Ladies' Turn

BP 28087, Yoff Ndeungagne
Dakar, Dakar, 10500