Laurette Fugain

Mission of the organisation

In memory of Laurette, who passed away suffering terribly from acute leukaemia, faced with an unbelievable lack of communication, it was first and foremost the need to fight to raise awareness of life-saving donations that brought together the founding members of the Laurette Fugain charity when it was created in September 2002. Our aim was to raise awareness among the public, and young people in particular, that donating blood, plasma, platelets, bone marrow, umbilical cord blood, and organs can save lives; and to present this as part of our civic responsibility and a natural thing to do. Thanks to the huge momentum built up around the charity (by the general public, the media, doctors, etc.), we gradually broadened our focus to include supporting medical research and helping patients and their families, in order to have a bigger overall impact on the topics of leukaemia and blood disorders. Laurette Fugain, the charity fighting against leukaemia, is committed to the following three aims: 1- Support medical research into leukemia 2- Recruit donors (blood, platelets, bone marrow) and raise awareness on this issue 3- Help patients and their families

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Laurette Fugain

101 rue de Sevres, Lot 1674
Paris Cedex 06, 75279