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Mission of the organisation

Little Footprints, Big Steps (LFBS) has the mission of protecting child rights in developing nations, reuniting families, and working with them toward a healthy, self-sufficient, empowered future through education, small business enterprise and agriculture. We ensure safe housing and healthcare are available. In addition, we prevent child abandonment and the violation of child rights by strengthening families; empowering communities; providing access to education for children and youth; and Outreach abuse prevention campaigns in rural and remote communities. We do this by having competent, dedicated Haitian staff. Working with Haitian agencies and local organizations. Providing Transitional Safehouse stays with nutritionally dense meals, medicines, tutoring, life skills training, safe shelter when needed. Creating opportunity and access for education, vocational skills, small businesses, agriculture for individuals and families. Hosting medical clinics, abuse prevention workshops and specialized training to entire communities. Knowing community members, working along side them. Advocating and providing assistance with serious medical conditions, traumatic events and coping, social and human rights issues. We have lengthy, strong and respected relationship with the people, families, communities and partners we work with. We are collaborative and inclusive in all aspects of our work. Our staff are Haitian, led by the co-founder/Head of Haitian Operations, who lives and works alongside them. We act to empower, building self-sufficiency, dignity, self-worth. Our focus is being a catalyst for sustained change.

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Little Footprints, Big Steps - IDO

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