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Mission of the organisation

Our mission is to create artistically bold projects that explore the critical issues of our time. We believe filmmaking is a social act of deep connection capable of catalyzing positive change. With all of our projects, we work to cultivate community engagement that inspires, educates, and transforms audiences into socially engaged citizens. Our films address a diverse array of issues and we have a customized approach to each outreach campaign. We are also deeply committed to media education. In 2009 we co-founded the WeOwnTV Freetown Media Centre together with local Sierra Leonean filmmakers Arthur Pratt and Lansana Mansaray. The media center is an important educational and creative hub in the heart of the capital city in Sierra Leone. In 2017 we expanded our reach by launching the WeOwnTV Filmmaker Fellowship: a film fund and professional development program supporting the production of independent documentaries directed by West African filmmakers. The program is open to filmmaker working in Ghana, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

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