Movimiento de Apoyo a Menores Abandonados, MAMA A.C.

Mission of the organisation

MAMA's mission is to contribute to the defence and empowerment of the rights of the children, adolescents and teenagers who live on the streets and in vulnerability, by means of providing education and tools to create a dignified life. To achieve our mission by being an affective, consistent and solid institution with an effective and consolidated model of quality care and innovation; we are a reference in issues concerning vulnerable infancy and for our professional team we provide a healthy workplace environment, assisting and supporting them in their life and career plan. The fundamental values in our attendance and work are justice, hope, peace, solidarity and responsiblity.

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Movimiento de Apoyo a Menores Abandonados, MAMA A.C.

Calle Alfredo R. Plascencia 198, Santa Teresita
Guadalajara, Jalisco, 44600