Mission of the organisation

Nourish is a NoN Profit organization registered with the Department of Social Development in South Africa. Started by a young South African woman in 2011, Nourish was created to be a platform that could link conservation needs, issues and ideals with community issues and ideals - and aims to find integrated sustainable solutions to conservation issues such as poverty, low education standards, lack if food security and unemployment. Finding solutions that break the poverty cycle and create healthy resilient communities are ultimately solutions that link these individuals and communities back to their wildlife heritage and the jobs/opportunities created in the wildlife and tourism economy. Especially in the area of Acornhoek, Mpumalanga, where we focus our projects, there is a huge amount of poaching which is a conservation issue, but also a huge amount of poverty, as this is a neglected and under served area/community in South Africa. Solutions aimed at linking and bridging the two are the only way for this area to have a sustainable future. This is where Nourish focuses it's projects; investing into sustainable livelihoods that will benefit communities and conservation, boosting their resilience.

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