NPO Japan Animal Therapy Association

Mission of the organisation

Our mission is: to deliver interaction with therapy dog to all people who need the power of therapy dog. Do you know that there are many people who spend every day looking forward to communicating with dogs? People who live in institutions such as nursing homes, often suffer from a build-up of stress and a feeling of loneliness. Of course the staff there do their best to offer a good care, however, sometimes it is not enough to comfort them. When these people spend time with dogs, those animals soothe and ease the mind, bringing out a smile from the people. People with physical disabilities or restricted movements try to move close to a dog too. They are often so touched as to shed a tear. Among those who have experienced the time with these dogs, some say "I'm truly looking forward to seeing the dog again," and spend their days waiting for the next meeting. In order to offer this healing contact with dogs to the many people who eagerly await it, in November 2009, we acquired the authentication from Japanese government to found JATA (Specified Nonprofit Corporation Japan Animal Therapy Association). It is run thanks to the cooperation of all our members, and we endeavor to spread animal therapy work throughout the country and the world. We work with more than 150 therapy dogs to provide contact with therapy dogs to all those who desire it. We would like to build a bridge that links the hearts of people and dogs.

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NPO Japan Animal Therapy Association