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Mission of the organisation

Outreach Uganda is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization headquartered in Colorado and dedicated to helping empower Ugandans, especially women and children, to rise out of poverty. To do this, we work with CBO and specific village groups in Uganda to bring hope and improve lives, through community empowerment programs, youth education programs, and income-generation and self-sufficiency programs. As an organization, we emphasize to both our donors and our clients that we believe in truly empowering those we help. In everything we do, we seek to be a partner with those we serve so that they do not become dependent on us, and so that we do not take away their spirit of wanting to help themselves. As part of this empowerment process, we focus on working with specific groups, and not with isolated individuals. We believe it is essential to take a holistic approach in our work and focus on providing programs which target multiple areas simultaneously, all of which impact a participant's overall well-being and income-generation potential. For instance, a woman must be relatively healthy to be a successful business owner. Therefore, we must also help a woman address issues of health. For many of our women in northern Uganda, agriculture and the raising of cash crops will be key to their income generation potential. Therefore, agricultural issues, water issues and even land access and rights become important areas to address. Targeted training may also be needed. If we can help educated one child from most participants' families, this will also help the family progress.

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Outreach Uganda

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