PaSch at NachbarschaftsEtage at Fabrik Osloer Strasse e.V.

Mission of the organisation

Children, particularly in difficult life situations, need a constant companion, which they can confide in and who supports them. This is what "PaSch" (mentees for pupils) stands up for. What is that project about? The mentoring-project "PaSch" is part of the community center "NachbarschaftsEtage - Fabrik Osloer Str. e.V." and arranges the matching of an adult volunteer with a child in need in the neighborhood. We try to build up relationships between mentor and mentee for at least one year, but usually they develop a long-standing friendship. PaSch is a rather small mentoring-project. At the moment, we count 17 so-called "Tandems" (mentor and mentee). Mentors are committed adult volunteers, who want to support the educational opportunities of the pre- and elementary school students in the neighborhood and spend time with and attention to the children. Mentor and mentee meet once a week to engage in joint recreational activities to get to know the city, visiting cultural and sportive attractions as well as they do homework, read, write and practice German. But the best and utmost important thing for the mentees is to have a person, a mentor by his side to talk to, whom to trust and to have fun with. To allow as many of these voluntary activities, we reimburse the expenses, for example the entrance to the Zoo or a museum.


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PaSch at NachbarschaftsEtage at Fabrik Osloer Strasse e.V.

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