Perkumpulan Pelita Indonesia

Mission of the organisation

Pelita Indonesia was founded in 2003 as a social organization engaged in community development projects that will increase the overall health and welfare of West Java citizens. Through our organization our vision is to empower the underprivileged people of Indonesia so that they can escape the confines of poverty and have a long healthy life, which will in turn affect the entire community. Pelita Indonesia carries out our mission stated above in three main initiatives. Provide clean water solutions, provide healthcare assistance for TB patients and participate in disaster relief efforts. We operate a factory where we produce ceramic water filters. These filters are inexpensive and produce clean and safe drinking water for Indonesians in need. We provide these filters at no cost to the recipients. Pelita indonesia's health team is focused on providing care, counseling and help to Indonesians with Tuberculosis that do not have adequate access to the healthcare they need. We work in partnership with the Indonesian government in providing this care at no cost to the patients. Pelita Indonesia also provides a variety of disaster relief help for communities and individuals affected by floods, landslides, earthquakes, and tsunamis. We are local, so we can be on the ground quickly providing essential immediate needs. We also are committed to and equipped to assist in long-term needs of the victims of disaster.

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Perkumpulan Pelita Indonesia

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