Proyecto Impacto Consultores, AC

Mission of the organisation

Our mission is to educate and improve access to knowledge and know-how of producers that are part of eligible local organizations, while applying innovative methodologies for value-chain optimization. Our end-goal is 3-fold: (1) To reduce poverty and income inequality through sustainable, wealth-generating programs; (2) To enhance human capital to meet the needs of a competitive global market; (3) To increase private and non-for-profit sectors co-investments for shared-value creation. Our team has a strong experience in various sectors, such as the handicraft and coffee sectors; we also prioritize critical areas such as technology; brand, marketing & communications; and, leadership development & entreprenuerialship; to deliver long-lasting results within the area of influence, operating in Chiapas, with scaling opportunities in vulnerable regions with indigenous populations in Mexico and in Latin America.

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Proyecto Impacto Consultores, AC

Tonala #7, Barrio El Cerrillo
San Cristobal de Las Casas, 29220