Puerta Abierta IAP

Mission of the organisation

Mission Empower girls, boys and youth to prevent violence. Vision Changing Mexico with the power of family. OBJECTIVES Puerta Abierta knows that the most important legacy these children can receive is love from the institution caregivers within this new family and the opportunity for quality education. This project will allow them to build a world full of opportunities and achievements. Love -Form a loving family so they can build the bonds that will protect and accompany them throughout their lives. -Give them the protection and security they require for healthy development through respect and affection. -Provide moral and spiritual guidance to enable them to grow in love and respect for themselves and those around them. -Teaching is always by example; hurtful aggression will never be allowed again. 2.-Quality Education - Due to their elementary school upbringing, all the girls have academic performance lags.These problems are addressed individually and with better resources. -Offer the academic opportunities that any child deserves. This will give them the tools required to become self-sufficient and independent so they can stand up for themselves. . -Develop their skills and strengths by providing the tools they require to achieve success. -Academic tuition and support with learning disabilities when needed. -English and computer learning support as these are key for vocational training to achieve their dreams. -Enrollment in extracurricular activities to give them useful tools to face the world as adults Life Project The girls and young women will remain at home until they decide to form their own family or choose to start their independent life. This is called a life project; there is no release date. Each girl's individual decision will be supported regardless of chosen career or profession as long as they show commitment and effort in achieving their goal.


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Puerta Abierta IAP

1a de Fresnos115, Jurica
Queretaro, Queretaro, 76100