Mission of the organisation

Retrak is a UK registered international NGO (started in 1994) with a vision of a world where no child is forced to live on the street. We engage with children (both boys and girls) on the streets, including those at risk of child trafficking and modern slavery. We provide temporary care and support before reintegrating children back into a safe family environment, including follow up support for the children, their care-givers and communities. Retrak's two principal countries of operation are Uganda and Ethiopia but we also work through partners in Malawi and Zimbabwe. We have also worked previously through partners in Brazil, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya and Tanzania. Retrak works to transform highly vulnerable children's lives; preserve families; empower communities and give each of them a voice. We put children at the very heart of everything we do and will be fearless and tenacious in defending and promoting their rights. Our work and research provides an integrated and holistic approach that improves the lives of children on the streets and those separated from family care and the wider community. We reintegrate children back into their families and communities, and give them back their childhood. Retrak can be seen to work beyond the national level, sharing valuable lessons learnt internationally through its dissemination of research findings through networks such as the Better Care Network and Child Protection in Crisis working group. As a leading figure in global advocacy on family reintegration, it has developed Standard Operating Procedures on Family Reintegration and Outreach work. Retrak was a key member of the global agency on family reintegration which led to the release of Global Guidelines on Children's Reintegration. Retrak is passionate about having an evidence-base underpinning its programmes. As such, monitoring, evaluation, research and learning (MERL) is at the core of our programming ensuring that we collect and analyse data to inform and direct future work. Using a specific methodology for mobile populations, Retrak has also conducted enumerations of children on the streets in Malawi and most recently (2017) in Uganda and is using its research to make policy and programme recommendations. Retrak's reach, track record and evidence-based programming in relation to street children is second to none in the development sector. In 2017 alone Retrak worked with more than 30,000 street and vulnerable children, over 8,000 family care-givers and a total of over 40,000 beneficiaries. Over 80% of children reintegrated have stayed with their families for up to two years after reintegration.


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