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Mission of the organisation

SOTENI International's mission is working in rural Kenya to prevent and mitigate the effects of diseases, especially HIV/AIDS, through community-based programs. SOTENI International (SI) is a US-based 501(c)3 nonprofit which works closely with its sister non-governmental organization (NGO), SOTENI Kenya. SOTENI was established in 2002 by physician-epidemiologist Victoria Wells Wulsin, MD, DPH., and her colleagues in Kenya who were concerned that people living with HIV/AIDS had limited access to education and health care. In 2018, SOTENI International welcomed a new Executive Director, Jenny Brady, and a Development Specialist, Veni Aibinder. With new leadership, SOTENI International is exploring new partnerships and funding opportunities. SOTENI International fundraised using online crowdfunding campaigns for the first time last year. SI launched a GoFundMe and Facebook fundraising campaign to renovate SI's clinic in Mbakalo. In total, SOTENI International raised more than $ 4,000 through online crowdfunding. This year, one of SOTENI International's goals is to increase online campaign and crowdfunding capacity. SOTENI aims to raise $10,000 from online crowdfunding campaign this year. The GlobalGiving accelerator will be a catalyst for SOTENI International in achieving this goal.

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SOTENI International

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