Stichting Moustaqbel

Mission of the organisation

Girls from rural areas are at the core of our work. Moustaqbel (means Future in Arabic) strives to provide them with a safe home that cherishes education, offering them the environment they need to thrive. This way we give them the opportunity to follow a university education. Moustaqbel Listens to girls from rural areas to understand their needs; Believes in the power of every rural girl; Offers in-house educational and cultural activities that develop the necessary skills to increase their chances on the labour market; Helps girls whose financially disadvantaged parents are unable to provide them with the funds to pursue higher education; Advocates for the rights of girls from rural areas; Pleads for an education system that gives every boy and girl a real chance to escape poverty. "Moustaqbel, because every highly educated rural girl inspires and educates a whole village."

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Stichting Moustaqbel

Bloemgracht, 38 H
Amsterdam, 1015TK