Telerik Academy Foundation

Mission of the organisation

Telerik Academy School is a national educational program by the Telerik Academy Foundation. Our mission is to provide equal access to modern tech education to Bulgarian children and prepare them for the digital future. By providing free training in programming and digital science, we help 1st-12th graders develop key digital competencies and knowledge and become bold inventors, digital leaders, sought-after professionals, and active citizens. Telerik Academy School has trained more than 12,000 students to date, equipping them with the key skills for the digital economy and fostering their logical thinking, creativity and problem-solving skills. Trainings are currently held in 102 cohorts in 25 cities in Bulgaria. We aim to further expand our footprint and network of cohorts and reach even more children.

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Telerik Academy Foundation

30 Krastyo Rakovski Str.
Sofia, 1729