TLC Ministries

Mission of the organisation

TLC's Mission statement 1. To provide a refuge and holistic care for any abandoned, neglected, orphaned, abused or needy baby or child placed in its care; 2. To endeavor to find, as soon as practically possible, a permanent family home for each such baby or child. 3. To raise awareness amongst the general public on the plight of such children in South Africa; 4. Skills development of care workers by training them in the care of babies and children in its care; 5. To Network and co-operate with other similar organizations to the benefit of children in its care; 6. To encourage and educate South Africans on local adoptions, foster care and other placement options with the aim of placing more TLC children in South African families; 7. To strive to find unique and individual solutions to the needs of each child placed in its care.

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TLC Ministries

Plot 136, Bronkhorstfontein
Johannesburg, Gauteng, 1872
South Africa