Verein fuer krebskranke Kinder Harz e.V.

Mission of the organisation

The "Verein fur krebskranke Kinderharz" (Association for children with cancer) is to become a central point of contact for affected parents or relatives of children with cancer in Germany. When a child is diagnosed with a cancer, the diagnosis is probably the worst bad news that can be given to parents and relatives. The following time to live is hardly conceivable, the diagnosis of cancer is a task that seems hardly solvable. Life, as it was yesterday, is no more, it changes so much, seemingly almost everything! Many people are concerned only with the disease, which has been around for many centuries. We, as an association, want to make this time a little easier until the children are rehabilitated, support the affected persons in administrative matters, provide advice in matters of schools, hospitals, clinics and self-help. In addition, we want to focus more on the issue of cancer in children, to help educate and support the research. We want to help the children with donations, help them to make cancer research, promote typing measures, and support the children's clinics in our region, in order to participate in the small cancer patients there too, because the large centers in Halle, Braunschweig, Magdeburg, Gottingen and Hannover are already a bit away and some "small" examination or medication can then also be done on site and the way home is then more tolerable and for everybody more comfortable. This great organization supports families with children with cancer. The latest project gives these families the opportunity to recharge their batteries.Located on a wonderful lake, this organization has restored vacation apartments. These apartments can then be used by families with special needs. Now additional land has to be bought to build more vacation homes on it. The price for this property is 25,000. Nearby there are also suitable medical facilities, which make a longer stay possible.

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Verein fuer krebskranke Kinder Harz e.V.

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