Water Air Food Awards (WAFA)

Mission of the organisation

WAFA Vision: "Healthy Water, Air, and Food for Everyone." WAFA's mission is to "Create a global awards platform to celebrate the sustainable innovations of silent heroes everywhere." At WAFA Awards we believe that addressing the world's most acute problems, like ending hunger, preserving clean air and bringing water to every human being, starts with acknowledging people who develop solutions that are proven to work. We identify, nominate, award, and expose exceptional grass roots solutions in sustainability initiatives. We share their stories via electronic and print media, social media, conferences and webinars, and through word of mouth aiming for global reach. We celebrate their hard work and success at local and magnificent Awards events, give them the visibility they deserve to inspire change and gather support to scale and replicate their solutions. WAFA's goal is to become a mainstream platform that mobilizes the global public in the selection of Award winners. As this award recognizes the sustainable solutions, most of it comes from developing countries as 80% of the innovative sustainable solutions are from the regions that are developing or under- privileged. Countries like Africa, Asia, and Latin America constitute our most of the applicants because there is scarcity and need, which is breeding innovations. Together, we bring to light the good deeds in the world and spread a genuine message of hope.

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Water Air Food Awards (WAFA)

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