Yayasan Rama Sesana

Mission of the organisation

Yayasan Rama Sesana's vision is to create a healthy generation of women. Its mission is to improve low-income Balinese women's sexual and reproductive health, including the prevention of and wider spread of STIs and HIV/AIDS, prenatal care, family planning, early cancer detection and counselling. Based in Pasar Badung, Bali's biggest traditional market, YRS has operated since 1999 as a local non-profit, non-government organization. It provides its clinical services at Pasar Badung, mobile clinics in remote and metropolitan areas throughout Bali, and education programs on a donation basis, with a particular focus on the low-income women of Bali's traditional market communities.

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Yayasan Rama Sesana

Pasar Badung, Lantai IV (4th floor), Jalan Gajah Mada
Denpasar, Bali, 80118