Fundacion SOLE Colombia

Mission of the organisation

Our purpose is to design the future of education in Colombia. Our passion is to connect education, technology and rural Colombia. We do it through SOLE (Self-Organised Learning Environments). SOLE is a disruptive education methodology that empowers communities to develop autonomy, collaboration, deep learning, and most important of all, to solve real-life problems! A SOLE session is simple, all you need is a room with people, a few computers with internet access and Big Questions. In a SOLE people self-organize to find answers to questions without a teacher. In this intellectual adventure, learning emerges from the participants' interest. Our goals are: 1. Scale SOLE to the most the communities who need it the most, be it in the formal public education or in vulnerable communities throughout Colombia. 2. Build and nurture a SOLE Colombia Community 3. Design and implement replicable experiments to bring SOLE to the largest number of people making use of new technologies in a socially and environmentally sustainable manner. 4. In the following 5 years our goal is to empower 2 million people in rural communities affected by the armed conflict through SOLE.

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Fundacion SOLE Colombia

Carrera 18a No. 39a-16
Bogota, Bogota D.C., 111311