• Women in Power

    Women in Power

    Letter for Support with Research A 12-month initiative aimed at removing barriers, creating opportunities, and placing more women in positions of power.
  • Women And Society

    Women And Society

    It is hardly unexpected that despite working just as hard as men, women are generally underpaid and underrepresented in society. In the home or at work, women are more prone to being physically and sexually abused. If the world does not unite to put an end to long-standing customs that reinforce...
  • Zakat, Sadaqah and Food Security

    Zakat, Sadaqah and Food Security

    Food insecurity is highest in the most fragile countries and regions affected by war, conflict and natural disasters; ‘6 out of 10 people facing acute food insecurity are in countries affected by conflict or insecurity’. Not just this, in fact ‘45% of deaths among children under 5 have malnutrition
  • What is Sadaqah Jariyah?

    What is Sadaqah Jariyah?

    In Islam, Sadaqah Jariyah is a form of charity that benefits others even after the giver has passed away, considered one of the most rewarding acts. This article explains why Sadaqah Jariyah is important, what it is, and its forms.
  • Benefits Of Giving Sadaqah

    Benefits Of Giving Sadaqah

    “Sadaqah” refers to a voluntary act of charity of your possessions and money to those in need for the glory of God. From the root sidq, which denotes "truthfulness," comes the word "sadaqah." This root word has meanings that mean to vouch for honest faithfulness. Today, in Islam, the term "sadaqah"
  • How to Calculate Zakat on Gold?

    How to Calculate Zakat on Gold?

    Zakat is a mandatory charitable giving in Islam that requires Muslims to donate a portion of their wealth, including gold. Calculating Zakat on gold can be complex, but it is an important religious obligation. Our blog we will guide you through the process and help you.
  • What is a Giving Circle?

    What is a Giving Circle?

    By joining a giving circle, you can have a greater impact on the causes you care about and connect with like-minded individuals. In our blog, "What is a Giving Circle?", we explore the benefits and how you can get involved in one.
  • When do you Pay Zakat?

    When do you Pay Zakat?

    Zakat can be paid at any time during the year if your wealth exceeds the Nisab threshold, although it is recommended to pay Zakat during special occasions such as Ramadan or the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah as a way to increase the blessings of these times.
  • 5 Things you Need to Know About Zakat

    5 Things you Need to Know About Zakat

    Zakat is an important aspect of Islam and is a type of required almsgiving. It is one of the five pillars of Islam and is mandatory for all Muslims who meet the eligibility requirements. The Arabic word for purification is Zakat.
  • What is Sadaqah?

    What is Sadaqah?

    In its simplest definition, Sadaqah means giving to others for the sake of God. 'Sadaqah' originates from the root ‘sidq' which translates to 'truthfulness.'
  • What's the difference between Zakat and Sadaqah?

    What's the difference between Zakat and Sadaqah?

    Zakat is mandatory for every Muslim. Whereas Sadaqah is an encouraged, voluntary deed. While both earn the pleasure and reward of Allah (SWT), there are distinct differences between these two forms of charitable giving.
  • 5 Powerful Ways Zakat Makes An Impact

    5 Powerful Ways Zakat Makes An Impact

    Zakat is an effective mechanism to achieve sustainable development through reducing social problems and boosting economic activities.