Women And Society

Women And Society

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Women And Society

“If you educate a man, you educate an individual. But if you educate a woman you educate a nation”.  

It is hardly unexpected that despite working just as hard as men, women are generally underpaid and underrepresented in society. In the home or at work, women are more prone to being physically and sexually abused. If the world does not unite to put an end to long-standing customs that reinforce gender bias and place women in a lower position, the imbalance will persist. Today, the world is talking about women empowerment. Women empowerment is the process of creating a supportive environment where women can make choices and take control of their lives. It is crucial for achieving gender equality and promoting sustainable development.

International Women's Day And Women’s Week

International Women's Day (IWD) is observed on March 8 and is the culmination of International Women's Week, which begins on the first Saturday of March.  While IWD has been honored on a global scale since the 1900s, over time it became apparent that a week needed to be set aside to handle the large number of events honoring the notion. The purpose of the week is to recognise the contribution that women make to society and the progress they have made in the quest for equal opportunity. 

International Women's Week, which concludes with International Women's Day, is based on this principle. It was initially proposed in the 1900s. Widespread protests against the discrimination against women in numerous facets of social life, such as pay, voting rights, and other areas, were prevalent throughout Europe during this time, notably in Russia.

Raising Awareness

Businesses, organizations, and individuals are addressing inequality in many ways, such as by implementing equity in their hiring procedures etc. One such renowned organization FOMWAN Marriage Counseling Academy was founded by eminent scholar and speaker Maryam Lemu with the goal of raising awareness in the areas of women's lives around the world such as developing leadership skills, establishing a positive self-image, dealing with sexual and interpersonal abuse, cultivating and enjoying meaningful relationships, and self-knowledge.

Who Is Maryam Lemu?

With a career spanning over 3 decades, Mrs Maryam Lemu is an international speaker and an adept seminar and workshop facilitator. She is currently the Head of Administration and Resource Management at New Horizons College Minna, Nigeria. She is also one of the Directors of ProStart Consultants, a capacity-building consultancy firm based in Nigeria. Mrs Lemu has traveled around the world to deliver seminars on a wide range of topics including team building, leadership and personal development for different organizations. 

She is passionate about human development and character building and helps her audience identify a sense of purpose and direction in life and the positive impact it exerts on both work and personal life. Also, she delivers engaging public talks on marital and premarital topics and particularly enjoys relationship coaching and counseling. She is a known face with regular television appearances in Nigeria. 

She is the host of the popular talk show Sisterly on Alif TV, and the Ramadan show on NTA. She also produces YouTube video series and has a large social media following, as well. Mrs Lemu has a broad range of expertise including Public Speaking, Mentoring and Coaching, Leadership, Management, Communication and Negotiation to name a few. She also provides consultancy to a private school based on her strong commitment to character development, social responsibility and values-driven leadership.


Marriage Academy

Maryam Lemu is a Nigerian educationist and Islamic scholar who founded the Marriage Academy. The academy was established to provide guidance and counseling to couples, with the aim of strengthening marriages and reducing divorce rates in Nigeria. Maryam Lemu is a respected figure in the Nigerian Muslim community, and her academy has helped many couples navigate the challenges of married life. The academy offers pre-marital counseling, marriage counseling, and post-marital counseling, as well as workshops and seminars on various topics related to marriage and family life.

Through her work at the Marriage Academy, Maryam Lemu has helped to promote healthy relationships and reduce the stigma surrounding counseling in Nigeria. She is a strong advocate for education and empowerment, and her work has had a positive impact on many lives.

Hasanah And The Mission Of The Organization

Hasanah has joined hands with Maryam Lemu, and as their copartner, our mission is to engender healthy and happy families by promoting genuine Islamic marital values of love, fairness, empathy, mutual consultation, sincerity, compassion, and forgiveness across the globe.

Support Our Mission

Support our mission and the noble cause of raising awareness of the importance of giving women the same opportunity to succeed as men. We are at the forefront of changing how society views women.  Let's celebrate women by eliminating gender prejudices and recognizing them as equal members of society.  Please contribute here if you believe that every woman has the right to equality.

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