Pennsylvania Diversity Children's Organization

Mission of the organisation

The mission of Pennsylvania Diversity Children's Organization is to provide community-based services to linguistically challenged children as well as children with special needs and their families with a focus on the families' cultural, ethnic, and language backgrounds. We provide the valuable services including physical therapy, speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, and special instruction specifically designed according to each child's needs. Culturally and linguistically appropriate services will help in assessing a second-language learning child. We aim to help teachers, caregivers, parents, and community helpers work effectively with second language learners in childhood settings, homes, and community to meet the social, emotional and developmental needs of every child with a different speaking background. Pennsylvania Diversity Children's Organization has developed an exceptional Board of Directors in order to help reduce the burden of government by providing targeted programs and services to provide support for bilingual households for children with special needs. The efforts of our organization will reduce the need for special education for these families, and prepare the families and children for assimilation into the workforce and our society. Our educational programs support all children with special needs in participating with other children who are without disabilities and who grow up in a bilingual/bicultural environment. We help all families from diverse racial, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds in using special accommodations for their unique children.


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Pennsylvania Diversity Children's Organization

2337 Philmont Ave, Suite 106
Huntingdon Valley, PA, 19006
United States